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Tea, Coffee And Spices Exporter in Kerala, India

Bosorganics, located in Kerala, is one of the leading Tea, coffee & spices exporter in India that offers the best quality authentic Tea, coffee & spices from Kerala. Our approach to agriculture is revolutionary. We believe the farmers, who spend most of their time and energy to produce and cultivate the agricultural products should have the maximum gain from agriculture.
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Best Quality Tea, Coffee And Spices Exporting

Bosorganics not only collects top notch quality products from farmers but also educates the farmers on how to engage in sustainable agriculture. The professional training makes the farmers capable of maintaining the natural quality of the soil and protecting the environment while raising good quality Tea, coffee & spices.
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Tea Exporter Kerala, India

Tea is one of the most important beverages in the world which gives the person who consumes it a sense of alertness and energy. Tea, which is rich in antioxidants, also has immense medicinal uses including making the body resistant to heart attacks, diabetes and even cancer.
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Coffee Exporter in Kerala, India

Prepared from roasted coffee beans which is obtained from the coffee plant, this brewed drink is widely popular worldwide. Apart from its special taste and aroma, what makes coffee a household beverage is the stimulating effect it has on the human body after consumption.
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Turmeric Exporter in Kerala, India

The Indian legacy of turmeric export business began with spice exports, and Kerala has remained the cradle of the spice culture. Being one of the leading turmeric exporters of Kerala, India, Bosorganics gives importance to the quality of turmeric that we export.
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Cardamom Exporter Kerala, India

Bosorganics grows the spice in community-based farms in Kerala where the farmers follow methods and techniques approved by US Department of Agriculture to produce export quality cardamom. Some of the farmers have even obtained European Certification for organically grown food.
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Ginger Exporter Kerala, India

The dominance of fruits and vegetables in daily food consumption has always proved to take us toward better health. However, some herbs and Tea, coffee & spices offer additional health benefits. One of these is ginger. Ginger originated in the Indian subcontinent to Southern Asia where they show considerable
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Black Pepper Exporter, India

Black pepper, The king of Tea & Coffee, Spices is native to Kerala, the land of Tea, Coffee & Spices. Situated to the southwestern tip of India, Kerala has all the prerequisites like soil, climate, rainfall etc. to enable the flourishing of the spice in its homeland, making Kerala ideal for black pepper (good medicine) export.
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Prepared from roasted coffee beans which is obtained from.


There are lot of varieties of tea which can again be used.


Cardamom is one of the most popular spice in kerala.

Black Pepper

One of the most traded spice, native from kerala.


Turmeric is an ayurvedic product, Used as medicine.


Popularly known as folk spice, Using in all kind of foods.

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Bosorganics not only collects top notch quality products from farmers but also educates the farmers on how to engage in sustainable agriculture...