Green Cardamom 100gm

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  1. Carefully sourced 100% natural cardamom (Elachi) with strong floral aroma
  2. Enticing flavour that blends with curries, rice, tea or Scandinavian sweet dishes
  3. Rich in vitamin A and C, Improves detoxification and digestion
  4. Net Wt. Elaichi 100 gram (3.52oz)
  5. Eco-friendly packaging

Bosorganics all-natural green cardamom, also known as choti elaichi, brings in an aromatic bouquet and citrusy sweet flavour to your favourite Indian dishes. Cardamom seeds, the queen of spices, has a middle-eastern history and is native to the forest of South India.

Green cardamom (Elaichi green) is around 5.5 mm and 6.5 mm long and has a fresh green colour. Cardamom or Elanchi blends well with gram, cinnamon and other whole spices to flavour the dishes like Biriyani, cookies, cakes, and is a chief ingredient in sumptuous curries. Our elaichi in pantry 100g pack adds camphoric flavour to garam masala, elachi tea or Masala chai, which is common in India & Middle East.