Organic Black Pepper Powder 100gm

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  1. Pure organic black pepper powder in 100g package
  2. The botanical name of  organic black pepper: Piper nigrum
  3. Region of origin of the product: Kerala, India
  4. Borsorganics black pepper organic is certified 100% Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  5. Bosorganics provide superior export quality mesh black pepper in eco-friendly consumer packs as well as in bulk for various brands in the international market.

Black Pepper is often referred to as the king of spices and has a lot of health benefits along with making the food spicier and tastier. Most people who are looking for weight loss use organic black pepper as an essential ingredient in their dishes.

Flavor and Cooking

Black pepper to grind has a unique spicy and herbaceous flavor due to the presence of an alkaloid called piperin. Pepper ground also has a strong aroma to it and is primary used in dishes to make them spicier. One of the biggest advantages of black pepper powder, unlike black pepper ground organic, is that it can be used as an ingredient in any kind of dishes, be it hot or cold. It can make lacklustre dishes like salads worth enjoying. A pinch of pepper makes everyday dishes like omelette, soup, mashed potatoes, steak, bacon, fish, or meat tastier. 

Health Benefits

Organic ground black pepper has an immense number of health-related benefits as it is considered an antibacterial, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.. Black pepper helps in good digestion, cleans the intestines and stomach, detoxifies the body, and is said to help in developing immunity against cancer. The potassium content in peppers organic helps in heartbeat and blood pressure regulation. Black pepper organic is said to help the body produce red blood cells and is rich in vitamin B and Calcium. Black pepper is an excellent medicine for constipation, skin deformation, wrinkles, and respiratory diseases. Adding organic black pepper to the daily diet is the best way to use it as a weight-loss supplement. Medium ground black pepper can be used in topical medication too as a good medicine against dandruff and hair loss.

About Bosorganics

Bosorganics is one of the pioneering organic spices exporters in India that strive to deliver export quality black pepper powder to its customers. Bosorganics is located in Kerala, the second-largest black peper producing states in India. Bosorganics enables its customers to purchase the best organic ground pepper black directly from the manufacturer, so that that they can avail themselves pepper and other organic spices like organic turmeric powder, organic ginger powder, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder at the best prices.  Our premium packaging and top-notch logistics let you enjoy your ground cadamom powder without any loss in quality or any delay in delivery. 

100% Certified Organic 

Bosorganics pepper black organic products are certified 100% organic by the USDA and this lets our consumers get an assurance of our authenticity and quality. Our black pepper is not mixed with other powders or artificial ingredients and we follow the strict USDA conditions to deliver NO SODIUM, NO SALT, NON-IRRADITATED AND NON-GMO organic black pepper powder.

Packaging & Storage

Bosorganics provides a multi-layered eco-friendly packing with an oxygen barrier that protects the organic black pepper from harsh conditions like sunlight, moisture and high temperature. Our effective packaging keeps the product fresh and long-lasting. Bosorganics’ quality assurance team make sure that each packet we send out is properly sealed to retain the quality.

Instructions of Use

  • Store the organic black pepper powder in a sealed container.
  • Keep the organic black pepper ground powder in a cool and dry place.
  • Consult an expert before deciding on the amount of usage.

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