Organic Brown Flax Seeds 250gm

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  1. 100% Organic available in 100g packages, can be consumed directly or added to recipes or golden flaxseed meal.
  2.  Good source of proteins, fibre & helps to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease & type 2 diabetes.
  3. Region of origin: Kerala, India
  4. Bosorganics organic flax seeds ground and flaxseed powder organic are certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  5. Bosorganics provides superior export quality organic brown flax seeds and flaxseed ground in consumer packs as well as in bulk for various brands in the international market.

Organic flax seeds from Bosorganics is nature’s gift from our farms in India, packed with all the nutritive values with traditional seasoning properties. Commonly known as organic ground flaxseed, common flax, flax seeds ground, linseeds or Linum usitatissimum, these healthy seeds are known to originate thousands of years ago in Egypt and China and used as a crop in Asia due to its ayurvedic properties.


With multiple nutritional values, organic ground flux seed can be called a ‘functional food’ that can be easily added to ready-to-eat foods like pasta, milk alternatives, baked goods and muffins.



Flavor and Cooking


Brown flax seeds are versatile to include in your everyday delicacies. From desserts, bread, drinks, egg salad whole foods, flax seed meal, soups and whatnot, a spoon of flax seeds add a nutty flavor to every dish and flaxseed meal. 


Our organic brown flax can be easily mixed with yogurt 365, flax meal, oatmeal and cereal mixes for a healthy pinch of crunchiness.  The mildly spice flavor of ground flaxseed organic or golden flaxseed goes well with salad mix organic 365,curries and ground turkey organic dishes.  The whole seeds can be dry roasted for aroma, crunchiness and shelf life. 


Health Benefits


Organic brown flax seeds are gluten-free for those who are gluten intolerant. Packed with healthy fats and high fibre content,  flax seeds promotes bowel moments and prevents constipation. 


Being a good source of  omega-3 fatty acid ALA commonly found in omega 3 eggs, flax seeds are known to lower cholesterol and help to manage heart-related diseases and lower the risk of stroke. A spoon of ground flax seed or flaxseed powder contains 1.8 grams of omega-3s. With plant compounds,antioxidant properties and lignans more than any other plant based seeds, flax seeds can help to reduce the risk of breast, skin and prostate cancer.  


A pinch of ground flax seeds organic also aid to stave off your hunger and give a feeling fullness which could aid in weight control.  


About Bosorganics


At Bosorganics, providing high-quality products and organic products to customers is one of our core ethics.  Our organic flaxseed is grown and processed with reliance on ecological practices and freshness from the farm all rolled into one. Being the pioneering organic spices exporters in India, our products and service endeavor to give the feel-good, taste-good and do-good to our customers, community and a GREENER TOMORROW!


Our range of products also includes Organic moringa leaf powder, Black sesame seeds, Organic Pumpkin seeds and many more Organic superfoods packed for the international market. 


100% Certified Organic 


We sell USDA certified flex seeds, organic so that our consumers are well assured of our authenticity and quality of the brown flax seeds organic you buy from us. Our product isn’t blended with other powders or artificial sources. We follow the strict USDA conditions to deliver NO SODIUM, NO SALT, NON-IRRADITATED AND NON-GMO organic flax seeds whole and stand ahead in the market along with linaza molida organica and linaza entera who sell similar.


Packaging & Storage


The multi-layered eco-friendly packing by Bosorganics with an oxygen barrier protects the brown flax seeds from sunlight, moisture and high temperature to keep them fresh and long-lasting.  The quality assurance team at Bosorganics ensure each product we send out is properly sealed to catch all the freshness and aroma compared to many poorly packed products which have a bad rep of having no smell or taste.


Instructions of Use


  • Store flax seeds in a sealed container.
  • Keep the flax seeds in a cool and dry place.
  • Use before four months for best experience and minimal changes in taste or smell
  • The amount of intake should always be in check. Consult a dietician if needed.

Other Brands

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