Organic Raw Cashew Whole 400gm

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  1. Raw and unsalted organic cashews available in 400g packages.
  2. Rich buttery flavour and contains a good amount of iron.
  3. Contains mono-unsaturated fat that helps in lowering heart diseases.
  4. Good sources of potassium, B vitamins and Folate.
  5. Portable snacks is perfect for home, work or on-the-go.

Cashew nuts, the kidney shaped seeds are not only highly nutritious but also remarkably versatile. They are incredibly popular all over the world. The organic raw whole cashews are raw and have organic unsalted butter. It contains a 365 everyday value. Organic raw cashews are the rich source of the powerful antioxidants, helping in body weight loss. They are low in sugar, and contain the same amount of protein as cooked meat. 


It is highly beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes. The mono-unsaturated fat in it helps to lower the heart diseases. Cashews raw are a portable snack and healthy diet. They snack at the whole food market and are perfect at home, at work or on-the-go. 


Flavor and Cooking


Similar to organic almonds, organic raw cashews have a slightly sweet, buttery flavor, which is very light in tone. This taste is enhanced when they are roasted dry. Some even prefer roasting them in hot oil and adding salt. Cashews blend well with pistachios organic whole foods, capers whole foods, gala apples organic, or brazi bites to make a nice evening snack with tea or coffee. Organic raw cashew is well known to be an ingredient in popular products like forager cashew milk yogurt and Siete almond flour tortillas, and they can even be used to prepare organic cashew yogurt at home.


Raw cashew can be used with several fruits and food products like gala apple organic, organic limes, butter unsalted organic, and grapes organic seedless mixed with chicken or pork to make many versatile and exotic dishes at home.


Health Benefits


Baru nuts, a hybrid of cashew nuts and peanuts helps to improve HDL cholesterol and reduce waist sizes. They are lower in calories and total fats. It perfectly blends with smoothie and can also be consumed with salads.


Cashew queso are cultured soft organic cashews raw cheese studded with herbs, nuts and dried fruits. It is similar to soft, mild flavoured dairy cheeses. They are the powerhouse of nutritional values like Vitamin B, calcium, proteins and fibre.  Grapes organic seedless are highly nutritious containing antioxidants and vitamins. Grapes green seedless organic is noted for its high levels of Vitamin C, K and B6. The 365 soda is a carbonated drink and is found in several flavours. Compared to raw unsalted cashews, the light natural taste is enhanced in cashews organic roasted salted. 


About Bosorganics


Bosorganics is one of the leading organic dry fruits and organic superfoods exporters in India. We provide you with unsalted, high quality and highest purity, delicious and tasty cashew used in snacks whole foods market. Our organic raw cashew is of international quality, on par with our contemporaries like nuts whole foods market. Our farmers and technicians cultivate strong relationships with the best organic farmers to yield the best of the products. We are noted for the availability of products in international markets at the most reasonable prices. Our premium packaging lets you enjoy the products without the loss of any quality.


100% Certified Organic


All the products of Bosorganics are USDA certified organic items with assurance in terms of high-quality. We make sure that our raw cashews organic are not blended with any other artificial sources for colour or flavour. 


Packaging and Storage


Our cashews are grown using sustainable farming practices such as biodiversity and multi-cropping. Preserving organic integrity is one of our prime mottos. We pack them in resealable and air-tight bags. It is a healthy, gluten-free diet which provides a great dose of heart-healthy, monounsaturated fats. Our organic raw cashews guarantee you an ultimate gourmet quality.


Instruction of Use 


  • Store the raw cashews in an airtight container at a cool, dry place.
  • Consume a handful of cashew nuts daily to enrich your proteins and fibre.
  • Shelf life of properly sealed raw cashews is 6-9 months.
  • If you have a history of allergic reactions to cashews, consult a dietician before intake.

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