Organic Sesame Seeds 250gm

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  1. They are tiny, flat and slightly sweet in flavour.
  2. Scientifically the Organic Sesame Seeds are known as Sesamum indicum.
  3. The Sesame seeds are loaded with numerous nutrients and provide health benefits.
  4. The Sesame seeds are available in different colours from creamy white to black.
  5. Bosorganics provides high quality organic sesame seeds in consumer packs as well as in bulk for international markets. 

The Sesame seeds also known as sesamum orientale, africanum belongs to the Pedaliaceae family of spices. India is the largest producer and exporter of sesame seeds bulk in the world. This highly nutritious spice has culinary use and medicinal value. It comes in various colours like white, black, gold, brown etc. The black sesame seeds are comparatively small, oily and bitter in taste. The organic sesame seeds is one of the most important organic superfoods and contains antioxidants, vitamins and proteins. 


Flavour and Cooking


The Sesame seeds are used in every culture across the globe as part of the cuisine. A pinch of sesame seeds adds a distinct flavour to the Indian dishes and are also used for garnishing the dishes. It is also added along the salads for a healthy diet. The Sesame oils, used for cooking are of great demand in the market. It helps you in exploring a brand new flavour for your dishes. They are consumed as both raw as well as toasted. The raw sesame seeds contain more nutritional value and flavour compared to the toasted sesame seeds. The sesame seeds consumed with broccoli rabe fresh makes a healthy diet.

The sesame seeds from the happy belly spices have a mild, nutty flavour that deepens during toasting.


Health Benefits


The Organic Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients with Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron and dietary fibres. It is a great source of energy that helps the body builders in maintaining their health. Sesame seeds contain a good amount of proteins that helps in increasing the metabolic rates and curbs hunger. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol , inflammation and aids blood cell formations. The organic Sesame seeds are effective in skin protection and also for hair growth as they nourish the hair roots with omega fatty acids and moisturize the scalp. The organic moringa leaf powder and organic pumpkin seeds contain nutrients and help to improve fertility, improve prostate and bladder health. 


About Bosorganics


Bosorganics is the leading organic spices exporters in India, and are noted for their naturality of product, quality packaging and attractive prices. We ensure that our customers are served with high-quality fresh and organic products directly from us. We have a bulk organic sesame seeds production. Our wide range of products are available in International markets for bulk purchase. Our premium packaging helps you enjoy our organic sesame seeds without the loss of any quality and freshness.


100% Certified Organic


All our products are organic and USDA certified. We provide our valued customers the assurance of authentic and high-quality organic products. Bosorganics makes sure that our products are not exposed or blended with any artificial sources, thus preserving the integrity of our products at its fullest. We strictly follow all the rules and regulations of USDA to deliver you Organic Sesame seeds with purity and freshness.


Packaging and Storage


All our team members are well-monitored throughout the process from manufacturing to the final packaging of the sesame seeds. The storage of the sesame seed is of much importance. Our quality assurance team at Bosorganics ensures that the organic sesame seeds are properly sealed to preserve its freshness, aroma, flavour and quality. They have a shelf-life of 1-2 years. Bosorganics export high-quality organic sesame seeds in consumer packs of 100g as well as sesame seed bulk quantity. 


Instructions of Use


  • Must be stored in an air-tight container at a cool, dry place.
  • The sesame seeds must be soaked overnight and lightly toasted as they contain a high amount of anti-nutrient phytic acid.
  • The sesame seeds oil can be kept in the freezer, as the cold temperature prevents it from spoiling for a longer time period.

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