Organic Sunflower Seeds 250gm

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  1. The Organic Sunflower Seeds are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.
  2. The organic sunflower seeds help in preventing chronic diseases.
  3. It is a great brain boosting snack.
  4. Bosorganics provides gluten-free, raw vegan and organic sunflower seeds with high quality.
  5. Bosorganics organic superfoods are USDA certified to ensure 100% organic, freshness and naturality.

The organic sunflower seeds, is an all-rounder food and a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains high levels of oil and fat contents in them. They have a mild, nutty flavour and are tinder in their texture. The sunflower seeds are encased in shells and solid black shells can be found in those used for extracting. It fuels the body with energy, boosts heart health and is excellent for detoxification. 


The giant sunflower seeds are the taller varieties of sunflower with a huge quantity of good-sized edible seeds. Another variety of large sized sunflower seed is the Jumbo sunflower seeds with easily openable cracks and heavily filled kernels.


Flavour and Cooking


The sunflower seeds are used in both salted and roasted form. Roasting enhances the flavour of the sunflower seed. A great versatility could be found in shelled sunflower seeds. They are used to sprinkle in salads, add to stir-fries, veggie burgers etc. The sunflower seeds roasted salted brings in a nutty and crunchy flavour to the dishes. They are a keto-friendly snack. David sunflower seeds is a salty and crunchy on-the-go snack. The delicious with high antioxidant properties make the Davids sunflower seeds a perfect snack. It has varieties like nacho cheese sunflower seeds, frito lay sunflower seeds and are commercially available in the form of davids sunflower jumbo and sunflower sisters martha hall kelly.


Health Benefits


Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of nutritions with Vitamin E, magnesium, protein and linoleic fatty acids. They help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level. They are effective in the treatment of heart health. Sunflower seeds are noted for the skin glow it provides. They also help in preventing hair loss as it contains iron and minerals that help in boosting the tissue growth in hair. It is also rich in nutrients that support weight loss of the body. The antioxidant present in sunflower seeds protects the liver. The roasted seed of sunflower kernels also helps to increase sperm count.


About Bosorganics


Bosorganics is one of the leading exporters of organic superfoods in India, and are noted for their natural organic product, high-quality packaging and reasonable prices offered to our valuable customers. Our wide range of products are available in the International markets for bulk purchase. Our sunflower seeds are ebt seeds and are available under Organic Superfoods, is perfect for 5 dollar gifts . Some of our organic products among the  wide varieties include organic black sesame seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic moringa leaf powder etc.


100% Certified Organic


Bosorganics is certified with USDA Certification on all our products. We harvest the seeds from the plant’s larger flower heads. Thus ensuring to provide you the maximum number of organic high-quality seeds from a single flower.

We ensure that the sunflower seeds are 100% natural, organic and fresh.


Packaging and Storage


All our farmers are given knowledge about organic farming and are well-monitored during the whole process of farming to the final packaging of the organic sunflower seeds. We provide high-quality packaging with oxygen barriers to ensure the freshness and aroma of the product. We also make sure that our products are not blended with any artificial sources for colour, flavour and aroma. The organic sunflower seeds are available in consumer packs of 100g and in bulk quantity as well. We also provide sunflower seeds no shell and sunflowers for delivery prime.


Instructions of Use :

  • Consume only ¼ cup of sunflower seeds per day as excess intake may result in weight gain.
  • Store the sunflower seed in a closed tight container.
  • Shelf life is around 2-3months. 

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