Organic Tulsi Tea 100 gm

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  1. Strong anti-microbial properties.
  2. It is often used as a Stimulant for stress-relieving. 
  3. The anti-inflammatory properties are of great help to arthritis patients.
  4. Tulsi tea ginger Improves digestion and metabolism.
  5. 100% Organic Certified and Quality assured packaging for maintaining the natural aroma and freshness.l

Tulsi, often called the Queen of Herbs is considered as the sacred plant with healing powers. The Organic Tulsi Tea prepared using tulsi leaves is a caffeine-free and gluten-free organic product. It relieves stress, increases stamina and keeps the body healthy. Tulsi leaves are a traditional plant found in the majority of the houses in India. It is noted for its life-enhancing qualities. It is also used as a floral decor in houses and is kept in a tulsi stand. 

Basil tea, locally known as Tulsi tea is rich in Vitamin C and has antioxidants, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It is also referred to as an aromatic stimulant. Tulsi and ginger tea helps in digestion.  A cup of organic tulsi tea every morning adds the perfect dose of freshness to your day. 

Instruction of use 

  • One tea bag of organic tulsi tea can be mixed with 100ml of hot boiling water for one time use.
  • If you prefer loose organic tea, then have 2 teaspoon of organic basil tea leaves with 100ml of hot boiling water to prepare a soothing cup of organic tulsi tea.
  • Use tulsi tea without the addition of sugar.
  • Take 2-3 times a day for better health benefits.


Health Benefits

Tulsi is a powerful ayurvedic healer and is often mixed with other plants as well for medicinal values. Organic Tulsi Tea is a stress relieving, energizing, stamina boosting and delicious tea. It has the ability to help the body adapt to the stress. Regular use of organic tulsi tea helps in protection from asthma, fever, cold and cough. Tulsi tea holy basil is effective in enhancing the immune system and regulates blood-sugar levels. The anti-inflammatory effects are of great help to arthritis patients.  Tulsi tea along with organic green tea is a healthy drink for weight management. It also promotes detoxification and anti-ageing. 

The Tulsi Ginger tea burns the toxins in the body and helps in digestion. Ginger when combined with tulsi has a much higher healing power. Tulsi ginger activates a nourishing and vibrant feel in the body.  The adaptogenic tulsi tea helps in supporting the cortisol levels by mitigating stress as tulsi is a powerful adaptogen that works in normalizing and balancing the body. 


Bosorganics is the leading organic tea exporters in India, and are noted for their naturality of product, quality packaging and attractive prices. We ensure that our customers are served with high-quality fresh and organic products directly from us. We have a bulk tulsi production. Our wide range of products are available in International markets for bulk purchase. Some of them include organic black tea, organic tulsi tea, organic spices, edible oils etc.

100% Organic Certified

Bosorganics, is the leading Tea Exporters in India with a USDA Certification on all our products. We ensure that holy basil tulsi tea is 100% organic, fresh and natural. Our tulsi holy basil tea bags are not blended with any artificial sources for colour, flavour or aroma. We assure you of our authenticity and quality of the products. We strictly follow all the rules and regulations of USDA for the production and maintenance of organic tulsi tea.

Manufacturing, Packaging and Storage

All our farmers are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. They are well-monitored during the whole process from the very withering to the final packaging of the product. We provide an eco-friendly packaging with an oxygen barrier to ensure the freshness and natural aroma of the product. Bosorganics Tulsi tea Organic is available in tea-bags as well as in loose form. One can purchase it as a bulk tulsi tea or of 100gm box for daily use. It is available both as loose tea leaf and organic tulsi tea bags. 


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